Rival Game Basketball / BX700


Rival Game Basketball — the top of the league when it comes to indoor play. This Baden b-ball comes with Cushion Control Technology, so you’ll make the shot everytime with a painless grip. Plus, it’s made with premium composite leather for a feel that’s so smooth, you’ll never want to let it go. Go ahead and take your game to the next level with this hoop-dream of a basketball.

  • Baden’s Rival basketball was built to compete head-to-head with the industry’s best game balls at a value that can’t be beat. 

  • The Rival combines Baden’s patented Cushion Control Technology (CCT) with a premium composite leather cover for optimum performance and feel.

  • Perfect for high school, junior high, and elite recreational men's and women's basketball game play. 

  • More about CCT: Cushion Control Technology creates a layer of cushioning that gives Baden basketballs a softer feel, a truer bounce, and a longer life.
  • Our recessed Stealth Valve makes the valve nearly undetectable so you won’t feel the valve no matter where you touch the ball during play. 
  • Our unique symmetrical panel construction spaces out the panels so you’ll get a more even feel anywhere on the ball and it provides a more consistent bounce. 
  • Approved by NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations) 
  • For indoor play.
  • Model #BX700-00  (Official Size 7, 29.5") /  #BX600-00 (Intermediate / Women's Size 6, 28.5")

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