How To: Planning An Outdoor Pickleball Match

May 07, 2024 2 min read

Pickleball is the perfect sport to play with friends & family on a sunny day.
Here are some recommendations for planning the perfect pickleball match:

1. Choose An Outdoor Court

  • Find a location that is convenient to you and the rest of your perspective players.
  • Research places to play outdoor pickleball in Vancouver and check the court availability - make sure to claim your spot in advance!

2. Invite Participants

  • Pickleball can be played by anyone at any skill level - invite your pickleball enthusiast friends, or introduce a friend to the sport for the first time!

3. Determine The Format & Teams

  • Play in singles: One on one. This is best for getting a feel of the game and practicing your skills!
  • Play in doubles: When playing in doubles there will be four people on the court at a time in teams of two.
  • Make it a tournament: Have the first four play each other, the winners of that match will play a new team of two.

4. Get Your Equipment Ready 

  • Ensure that there are four paddles and a pickleball prior to starting the game so that doubles can be played.
  • You can wear any athletic gear that you choose - or plan an outfit with your partner to create a fun and strong team dynamic!

5. Create A Fun Atmosphere 

  • Getting outside to play a game with friends is sure to create lasting memories and laughs. Bring snacks, a speaker and any other necessities that are needed for a fun day in the sun!

6. Tips For Success

  • Practice your serve: Your serve is important in giving you an advantage throughout the game, come a bit early or practice your serve in a warm up round!
  • Communicate with your partner: It is important to have some strategies prepared prior to starting the match. Discuss your positioning on the court, and which strengths or weaknesses each player holds.
  • Go over the game rules: It's best to have a general understanding of the rules prior to the start of the match. This will decrease the chances of a mistake that could cost your team a point, and make the game run more smoothly.


There are so many great outdoor courts throughout Vancouver to play pickleball - kick off the sunny weather at a local court with friends and family!

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