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  • How to pick a baseball

    March 08, 2023 3 min read

    Let’s talk about the different types of baseballs you can use for games, practice and games.

    First up, we’ve got the classic white leather baseball that you see in most Major League games. This baby is made of high-quality cowhide and has a cork and rubber core, giving it the perfect weight and bounce.

    But maybe you’re not quite ready for the big leagues yet and need a ball that’s a little more forgiving. Enter the wiffle ball - a lightweight plastic ball with holes that make it easy to throw curveballs and sliders. It’s great for backyard games with friends or practicing your pitching skills without breaking any windows.

    And let’s not forget about pitching machine balls. Gone are the days of the yellow Jugs ball. Baden’s seamed and white pitching machine specific balls will get your batter’s eye trained like never before.So whether you’re coaching little leaguers, training for ‘The Show’, or just having some fun in the sun, there’s a baseball out there for everyone.

    Now let’s see what Baden balls fit your needs!


    First, think about the size of the ball you need. Are you playing in a professional or amateur league? The size of baseball you’ll need will depend on the level of play. Major League Baseball (MLB) uses a ball that is 9 inches in circumference, while youth leagues may use a smaller ball.


    Secondly, consider the weight of the ball. The standard weight for an MLB baseball is 5 ounces. Make sure you choose the appropriate weight for the level of play.

    Safety baseballs

    If you’ve just started to learn the game, or if you are recovering from injury, safety baseballs might be a good option for you. They are often softer and lighter than standard baseballs, so they are less likely to cause injury if they hit a player.

    There are several different types of safety baseballs, like foam, plastic, and rubber balls. Foam balls are the softest and lightest, and are often used for younger players or indoor practice. Plastic and rubber balls are slightly harder and heavier, and are often used for outdoor practice or for players who are more advanced.

    However, it's important to note that safety baseballs are not suitable for game play. They don't have the same weight or trajectory as standard baseballs, and using them in a game could compromise the integrity of the game and put players at risk of injury.

    Training baseballs

    If you are looking to improve your baseball skills, training baseball might be useful for you, too. There are several different types of training baseballs available, each with a different purpose.

    For example, pitching machine balls are specifically designed to be used with pitching machines, and are often made from a harder material than standard baseballs.

    Lightweight balls that have holes in them, and are often used for indoor or backyard practice.


    Next, consider the material the ball is made of. The most common materials for baseballs are leather and synthetic materials. Leather baseballs are more durable, but they’re also heavier and more expensive. 


    After that, look at the grip of the ball. Some balls may be easier to grip than others, especially if they are brand new. If you have trouble gripping the ball, consider using a grip enhancer like pine tar.


    Lastly, pay attention to the condition of the ball. Look for any tears, wear, or dirt on the surface of the ball. These can affect the performance of the ball, so it’s best to pick one that’s in good condition. 

    Picking the right baseball ball is an important part of the game. Taking the time to consider the type, material, and condition of the ball can help ensure that you’re playing with a ball that’s safe and appropriate for the level of play.

    And if you were looking for a ball to work on your pitching skills, check out our blog post on how to throw a perfect pitch!

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