Skilcoach Heavy Trainer Basketball / BHT7C

Introducing the Skilcoach Heavy Trainer Basketball / BHT7C: the heavy-duty trainee designed to help you take your ball-handling skills to the next level! Built with a heavy weight for extra resistance, it's perfect for improving your passing, dribbling and strength to give you the edge in your next pick-up game. So get ready to put your skills to the test and challenge yourself to become a basketball champ!
  • This heavy weight (40-44 oz.) training ball is designed to improve your passing, dribbling skills while increasing muscle strength for better shooting and passing. 
  • The Skilcoach Heavy Trainer's composite cover feels like a game ball. 
  • Hone your technical skills with our Skilcoach products designed to help you practice the fundamentals so you can perform your very best at game time.  
  • Weight: 40 - 44 oz.  
  • For indoor training play. 
  • Model # BHT7C (Official Size 7, 29.5")