Composite Football / F9C - QB1


You won't get sacked with the Composite Football! This amazing ball combines training and recreational play with Sharkback Lace's fins, meaning you can throw a tighter spiral and increase your spin rate! (Say goodbye to spirals that look more like slinkys!) Plus, the Composite Football will help you score a touchdown every time. Get ready to play kitchen-sink football with Composite Football.

  • You'll find this versatile football on the field in use for training and recreational play. 
  • The Sharkback Lace's fins increase the ball's spin rate for more accuracy to the receiver. 
  • Official size approved by NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations) 
  • For indoor or outdoor play. 
  • Model F9C (Official) / F7C (Youth) / F6C (Junior) / F5C (Pee-wee)