Futsal Practice Ball / S140LB

Enjoy an improved futsal experience with the Futsal Practice Ball / S140LB! With its wound rubber bladder, you'll get improved air retention and increased durability so you can play a few extra rounds of indoor futsal without worry. Plus, you'll impress your friends with your improved ball control! 
  • The Futsal Practice Ball features a machine stitched synthetic leather cover.
  • A wound rubber bladder provides better air retention and durability so the ball retains its shape and you won’t have to reinflate as often.
  • Our 4-ply lamination ensures that this ball can take on the toughest of games.
  • Approved by USFF (United States Futsal Federation).
  • For indoor Futsal play.
  • Model # S140LB (Size 4) / S130LB (Size 3)