Wondering which basketball you need? We’ve broken down the basics so you can find your perfect match.

All Baden basketballs feature the Perfection Symmetrical Design: symmetrical panels to give you the truest bounce and precise ball handling. What other variables should you look at?

  • Balls with our Cushion Control Technology (CCT) have a softer feel, truer bounce, and longer life.
  • Balls with the Stealth Soft Valve System (SSS) have less exposed rubber from the valve stem and a softer valve panel.
  • Cover materials vary from ball to ball. The unique feel, durability and function depends on which microfiber or composite material we selected to best suit that ball’s purpose.
  • Who is playing with the ball? What is the age of the player, the level of play, and will this be used for games, practice, or on the blacktop? We have a ball for every scenario.
  • Do you want to be able to personalize your ball?


Basketball Comparison Chart

CCT, SSS, Personalization Available

Our top-of-the-line basketball is best for game play or for someone who wants to play with a ball that has exceptional, high tack feel. Available in Intermediate/Women’s and Men’s sizes. Don’t take this one on the blacktop; the Elite prefers an indoor court.

Bottom Line: For pros, or anyone who wants to feel like one.

CCT, SSS, Personalization Available

Featuring the same exceptional craftsmanship as the Elite, the Element has a unique, natural leather feel to it; still grippy, but less tacky. Available in Intermediate/Women’s and Men’s sizes. Like the Elite, the Element prefers an indoor court.

Bottom Line: For serious players who prefer a more natural leather feel to a high tack one.


Designed with dedicated junior high players in mind, the Team feels better than any other game basketball at this level, finding the perfect balance between tack and softness. Available in Intermediate/Women’s and Men’s sizes. Like Baden’s other high-end game balls, the Team likes to stay indoors.

Bottom Line: For junior high & high school game play and practice.


Whether you’re hooping in the gym or on the blacktop this indoor/outdoor basketball has the toughness you expect out of a street ball with the soft touch of an indoor gamer.  Available in Youth, Women’s/Intermediate, and Men’s sizes.

Bottom Line: For players of all ages who want flexibility to play indoors or out with color options to ball in style.


The Crossover is built for the blacktop. Available in Youth, Women’s/Intermediate, and Men’s sizes, any player will enjoy shooting hoops with this ball. Plus, it’s available in traditional basketball orange or black with neon orange or green channels. Use it indoors, but outside is where this ball really shines.

Bottom Line: Perfect for all ages who want an elevated experience playing outside.