All-Weather TM Softballs 12 Balls (1 Dozen) / 2BSSFPY


Introducing All-Weather TM Softballs, for when you want to play ball even when the weather's a bit, uh, soggy! These softballs are designed to stay sticky when wet, so you won't be slipping and sliding all over the diamond. And if there's a real deluge, don't worry—they'll return to their original weight after just 24 hours! Rain or shine, these softballs have your back!

Sold in dozens.

  • Coreguard moisture protection composite cover material is specially engineered to stay tacky even when wet. 
  • Remains playable even after getting wet. 
  • A wet All-Weather Softball returns to its original weight after 24 hours.
  • Poly core center. 
  • Optic yellow synthetic cover with blue stitching. 
  • Size: 11", 12"
  • Model # 2BSSFPY (12") / 2BS11SY (11")