Autograph Basketball / BS7A

Autograph Basketball / BS7A – the only ball that lets you create your own custom keepsake by collecting up to four autographs from your favourite players. Whether you want to keep it light and only add two autographs or go for the full four-panel look, the BS7A is the perfect way to commemorate your favourite pick-up games in a unique and personal way. Let's get ready to ball!
  • The 29.5" Autograph Basketball is available with 2 white autograph panels or 4 autograph panels to collect even more signatures.

  • Create a one-of-a-kind custom basketball by having your coach's name or your player's name laser engraved.
  • The autograph panels are specifically made in order to withstand our premium printing capabilities. Our game ball composite material is used to construct the remaining panels. 
  • For light play and autographs. 
  • Model # BS7A