Custom Composite Football

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Our Composite Football is a versatile football for a wide range of football athletes. The composite material feels good in your hands right out of the box, no breaking in period necessary. Add your own design, colour and logos to make your own statement on the field. 

Available models to customize:

  • F9C/F90V - Official Size 9
  • F7C - Youth Size 7 
  • F6C/F60V - Junior Size 6 
  • F5C/F50V - Pee-Wee Size 5

    For fully custom orders:

    • Minimum order quantity: 180
    • Lead time: 90-120 days

    For domestic custom orders: 

    • Minimum order quantity: 24
    • Lead time: 2-3 weeks 
    • Art set up and print charges apply