Skilcoach Heavysetter Volleyball / VXT4

The Skilcoach Heavysetter Volleyball (VXT4) is like no other. 8 ounces heavier than the standard game ball, this composite-covered muscle builder helps you up your skill and strength game. Get ready to spike your way to serious power - and gain a grip that's out of this world! (Plus, all the cred of the classic game ball, just with a few extra ounces of attitude.)

  • The Skilcoach Heavysetter Volleyball is 8 oz. heavier than a standard volleyball to build arm, wrist, and finger strength for players looking for an advantage.
  • The composite cover looks and feels like a game volleyball giving you a truer training experience. 
  • Weight: 15-17 oz. 
  • For indoor training. 
  • Model # VXT4-03