Softlight Youth Oversized Volleyball / VXT2

Introducing the Softlight Youth Oversized Volleyball: the perfect tool to volley your way to volleyball greatness! Developed with young players in mind, this ball is designed to help kids ages 8 and under build their volleyball skills - the enlarged circumference gives them an extra boost to get the ball over the net and hone their volleyball fundamentals. So give your little one the gift of improved volleyball skills with the amazing VXT2!
  • Ideal for training volleyball players age 8 and under.  This light-weight volleyball is easier for young kids to get over the net, making playing more fun. 
  • Oversized circumference is designed specifically for young kids to practice the fundamentals of volleyball. The larger ball makes it easier to track the ball across the court when learning.
  • It's 2 oz. lighter than a standard volleyball to help develop strength and prevent injuries. 
  • The FlexFoam cover eliminates the sting and pain of a regular volleyball making learning to play volleyball more fun.
  • Size: 30" Weight: 8 oz.
  • For indoor play. 
  • Model # VXT2