Hockeyball Floorball Stick

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If you’re looking for a stick that packs a punch like a pro, the Hockeyball Floorball Stick is the perfect choice! With solid heel and base construction, you'll experience low torque and hard shots, while the medium Concavity and curve will give you unparalleled control and ensure your shots hit the mark! Talk about a go-to stick!

Hockeyball Floorball Stick stick is an innovative performance stick designed with Pavel Barber with the Hockey player in mind...every detail...from the grip, the shaft, and the newly engineered A1 Blade is 100% Hockey Centric.

We always wanted a great Off-Ice Hockeyball stick for HKY training that combined all the wonderful attributes of a durable Hockeyball stick, with the characteristics, look and feel needed for ultimate HKY development.  

It provides great value, durability, stickhandling, passing and shot performance. This is THE Off-Ice Training - Hockeyball Stick for Hockey players of all ages and abilities.

Introducing the New AirTek Series!

other features of our AirTek Series Shaft and Blade:

**Solid heel and base construction provide low torque and enable hard shot

**Medium Concavity and curve enhances ball shot and control

**A-Zone rib patterns creates 2 distinct sweet spots for shooting, stick-handling and toe drags

**Reinforced bottom and across A-Zone enlarge the shot zone and increase the forgiveness

**Proper blade flex adds extra shot power and great feel with maximum accuracy

**Special formulated materials attribute low friction and durability

Note: the A100, A90, A80 and A70 sticks are not IFF approved, however, they are built on the same specs as our new IFF approved series launching soon.